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Liteblue ePayroll (electronic payroll) can be accessed through the Lite Blue employee self-service portal. To access available earning statements of the current pay period visit the official website.

Log in to the USPS Human Resources Liteblue ePayroll application to view your earning statement, annual leave, holiday leave, work hours, overtime hours, night work prem hours, FLSA, total gross pay, additional pay, retirement, deductions, LWOP, Insurance income, and more.

This LiteBlue electronic payroll system is used by the Post Office U.S. Mail to manage and share their payroll information digitally. Why do companies use the e-payroll? because it is secure, produces accurate reports, and leads to time-saving, and cost-saving.

USPS Epayroll Overview

ApplicationUSPS Liteblue e-Payroll
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To access e-PayrollLogin Page Link

Liteblue ePayroll Login Guide

As we know, the electronic payroll Liteblue service is facilitated to all the USPS-affiliated staff. If you have recently joined the Postal Service U.S. and going to access the payroll portal, please follow the given guide. It will help you to access your payroll information quickly.

As a safety measure, postal service requires an authorized employee ID and password to access your electronic payroll account.

  • As a suggestion, use a personal device to access your payroll online from the Lite Blue human resource system.
  • Search Liteblue USPS payroll on any supportable internet browser.
  • Click on the top search result.
LiteBlue ePayroll
LiteBlue ePayroll
  • Now, the ePayroll login page will open.
  • Enter your Employee ID and Password.
  • Click on the Login button.

If you have logged in with an actual login credential, you can access your updated payroll statements and print available documents in one click.

How do I print my earnings statements?

  • First of all, open your USPS employee earning statements.
  • At the top left corner of this page, you will see “Print This Page” Click on that.
  • Now, click the “OK” button.
  • Select printer.
  • Printing Preferences and after all set, click on the Print button.
  • select a specific location to save a PDF file and click OK.
  • Now, open the saved file, and from the menu bar select File and then print.

What your Current Pay Period Page will show?

  1. At the top of the page, you will see the Print option, employee name, employee ID, Finance number, Pay Location, Pay period, pay date, and inclusive date.
  2. Net Pay
  3. Hours and gross pay section: Pay period, week, RSC(Rate Schedule Code), Pay level, step, Des Act (designation and activity code), salary rate, hour code, description, Hours.
  4. Amount: total hours gross pay.
  5. Total adjustment gross.
  6. Additional pay / other compensation.
  7. Total Gross Pay.
  8. Deductions.
  9. Leave and Miscellaneous section
  10. Annual leave (AL) section.
  11. Sick Leave Section.
  12. Other leave section.
  13. Leave without pay.
  14. USPS Retirement.
  15. FERS(Federal Employees Retirement System) USPS Thrift Contributions.
  16. Insurance Income.
  17. Earning statement messages.

What is an Adjustment Page?

It is an important page of the new electronic earning statement. On this page, you will see all the adjustments that impact your net pay. The maximum number of adjustment pages will be 11.

It has a header section with the employee name, employee ID, finance number, Pay location, pay period, inclusive dates, print page option, hours/ salary adjustments, additional pay / other compensation, deductions, total deductions, adjustments net, FERS USPS Thrift contributions, Insurance income.


USPS Lite Blue payroll system is digital software. Enter your employee ID and password (password is case sensitive) on this e-payroll portal to view your statements. Forgot your password? send a request online to reset it.